Bridging Tradition with Science



I believe that everyone should have the option and opportunity to get the kind of care they want and deserve. Our backyards are filled with plants that can help restore and maintain our health. As humans, and thus animals, we have an evolutionary relationship with plants, therefore our bodies instinctively and mechanically know what to do with plants phyto-constituents. We can thank plants for our many life saving pharmaceuticals we have today. 

However herbalists work with whole plants that contain the plants full spectrum of constituents. This is important because 100’s of different constituents work together synergistically in our bodies. I believe the foundation of adequate care is eduction and empowerment, that will guide you to make an informed decision about your body and health.  I believe in bridging the gap between herbal health care and conventional health care, which can give better client outcome. This approach is intertwined in my practice, as I know modern medicine has many benefits and can be life saving. Since I approach health in a multidisciplinary way, I love to work alongside DR's, DO's, RN's, ND's, NP's, body workers, acupuncturists, and everyone in between.

 When used properly botanical medicine is safe and effective. Its effectiveness is shown in clinical trials and throughout human history. I offer a sliding fee scale for my services, In hopes that the people who can actually afford my services will pay, so that I can continue working with the people who cant. All of my tinctures are handmade with our farms herbs, and organic cane ethanol alcohol. After each consultation I blend a specific formula just for you that is included in your consultation price only in the first visit. 

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Sliding Fee Consultation/zoom

Sliding Fee Consultation/zoom

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About Me

I am a sex positive, anti- racist, LGBTQA friendly practitioner, and full spectrum doula.

What does that mean?


  • Being a sex positive practitioner means that I support any consensual relationship you may have whether its "traditional" or non traditional.

  • I am a non-racist practitioner, meaning I would never discriminate against POC in any situation, I stand beside marginalized people, I am here to support, and listen to the best I can.

  • I am LGBTQA friendly! I have taken classes on herbs that may support people who may be transitioning, however I prefer to refer out to a non-binary practitioner if one is available.

  • I love working with people during the postpartum period of their lives. There is a huge gap in care for people after childbirth and this is a time many people need the most support. I can make suggestions for different issues that might arise, nutrition, supplement suggestions, make custom teas, sitz bath blends, peri-rinse blends, tinctures, and more. I can also just be there to help you along your journey in whatever capacity is needed. 

  • I am a full spectrum doula. Terminating a pregnancy can be a complex experience, and is handled differently by each individual. For most of us abortion is highly stigmatized making many seek abortion care alone. This can lead to feelings of isolation from our friends, family and communities. This isolation and stigma can be painful, and it is unnecessary. I believe in de- stigmatizing abortion and giving each person an educated, non-biased space to talk. 

  • I offer a consultation before to discuss your emotional, or physical concerns or both.

  • Nutritional and herbal recommendations for building and maintaining strength before and after.

  • I can go with you to your appointment, and also come home afterwards to help you with comfort measures. I can offer herbs to help with cramping, or anxiety afterwards, and follow up with mental and physical self-care tips. If you are not supported during that decision and don't have any way to get to your appointment, please let me know and I will drive you there and stay for free. If you are in a state where abortion laws have gotten stricter and it is making it more difficult for you please let me know, if you aren't too far away I can help transport you to a state that has more accessible care.

  • An abortion doula does not provide abortions. We are only here to provide support for the full spectrum of fertility. 

  • Here is a resource, that includes getting abortion pills, getting contraception, and education. Below is a complete resource list of hotlines, and reproductive justice workers and websites.

  • Update 10/25/18 women can now get the abortion pill mailed to them. please go to

  • For a list of clinics please visit


  • College pre-req courses for nursing including: microbiology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and more. 

  • Northeast School of Botanical Medicine intensive program class of 2013- A Clinical and science based program, that offers a comprehensive overview of anatomy and physiology, botany, rural first aid skills, integrative medicine, and clinical herbalism. 7song is a co-founder of the Ithaca Free Clinic. A free clinic that integrates Doctors, nurses, and herbalists. Located in Ithaca, NY.

  • Lindera Herbal Intensive with Jim Mcdonald class of 2014- This program focuses on western herbalism focusing on bio -regional herbalism, Michigan native plants, with an energetic approach in White Lake MI. 

  • Birth Doula Training year of 2014 at the center for the childbearing year in Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Out Reach Coordinator for the Southeast Michigan Doula Project. A non profit that provides free or low cost doula services to families. 

  • Full spectrum doula training through cornerstone doula

  • The Art of Distillation, and safety of Essential Oils. A two week course, studied in Southeast France taught by Aromatherapist Cathy Skipper.

  • coordinator for the Great Lakes Herb Faire for the last 6 years. A weekend event that hosts classes taught by renowned clinical herbalists from all over the country.

  • First Aid Coordinator for the Great Lakes Herb Faire for the last 6 years. Provide herbal first aid to over 300 attendees all weekend long. 

  • Founder of the Community Care Camper. Mobilizing free herbal services to the houseless community in and around Ann Arbor, MI. 

  • Co-Owner of Black Locust Gardens Herb Farm, a 30 acre medicinal herb farm, plant nursery, and apothecary growing over 30 different varieties of plants. 

  • Hours of courses on herbalism taught by herbalists like:

  • Guido Mase ( RH, Teacher of herbal medicine at the University of Vermont) Herbal pharmacology, herbal integratvie cancer protocols, Herbs for cognition, focus, and brain health.

  • Margi Flint (RH, teacher of herbal medicine at Tufts Medical School, author, clinical herbalist), reading the body 

  • Maria Noel Groves (RH, clinical herbalist, author) brain-boosting herbs, herbal and natural support for thyroid health, bringing balance to the endocrine system, soothing herbs and gut repair

  • Jody Noe (ND, RH, author) Medical strategies for integrative cancer therapies

  • 7song herbalism for underserved communities

  • Althea Northage-Orr (RH)- herbal treatment of auto-immune diseases, bacterias, biofilms and their treatment 

  • Pamela Ruane (DR)- Avoiding polypharmacy in herbal medicine

  • John Redden (RH) How to compose an herbal compound from intake to prescription 

  • Leslie Williams (RH) -herbal interactions

  • Leslie Alexander (RH)- oral care: why it matters and how to work with clients

  • Erika Gelantin (RH)- demystifying herb-drug interactions

  • Lindsey feldpausch- Plant Phyto-chemistry 

  • Trauma informed Herbalism, support for non binary folks and transitioning and so much more! 

  • Things I am looking to do, Possibly Nursing to be an NP, opening up a community herb shop education center on the farm, and teaching. Stay tuned! 

First Aid

Providing First Aid Care At a Variety of Settings

Since graduating the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in 2014, I provide and coordinate first aid at different gatherings and events some being very remote and rural. I've worked on a dirt floor clinic with a team of herbalists, ER doctors, nurses, and EMTS, to provide care to 400-700 people in a week. During the week there, we also mobilize and go to different campsites to check on people daily. At this first aid station we see a variety of issues some being:

  • 2ND-3RD degree burns

  • Staph Infections

  • Flu/URI'S

  • Addiction

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Giardia from drinking live water and contaminated food.

  • Mental health

  • Diabetics

  • Snake bites

  • Miscarriages

  • Sexual assault

The Community Care Camper

Free Mobile Herb Clinic

The Community Care Camper provides free herbal services to under served populations, specifically to people who are experiencing homelessness in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the winter we travel to the warming centers that are located at different churches each month. Our services include first aid care, helping with colds, and flu, building immune function, and chronic health concerns. We also focus on preventative health care by educating people on self-care and supply local resources. Because, the way today's current political climate is, we are all under served in regards to accessing affordable healthcare. We look forward to expanding our services to other marginalized communities like domestic violence survivors, refugees and more.

 At the warming centers I can see up to ten people in two hours. Because this takes a lot of resources like; alcohol, glycerin, herbs, bottles, capsules, labels, and over the counter supplies- I have created a donate button. All money donated will go towards supplies for this cause and is deeply appreciated. These clinics are modeled after my teachers Lorna Mauney -Brodek (Atlanta, GA) who runs, and 7song who is the co-founder of the Ithaca Free Clinic, and runs the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.


Please follow the link (W) below for a list of resources for women, low income, homeless, and the LQBTQA community below.

Sponsors of the Community Care Camper