Our Story

Farm to Bottle

 ts are made in small batches, from the plants we grow at Black Locust Gardens. Any plants that we do not grow ourselves, we source from other reputable herb farms located in the United States, or personally ethically wild craft, using our trained botany and organoleptic skills. This ensures that all our products are unadulterated, made with no fillers, and are of the purest, most potent and vibrant plant ingredients found. Only seconds are in-between hand harvesting a plant and then bottling. This makes a world of a difference in quality and effectiveness of both skin care products and tinctures. You can truly see, smell, and taste a difference in our products showing a uniqueness between our products and more commercial "natural" beauty products. 

Artisan Distillation

 Farm grown herbs are steam distilled in a traditional alembic copper still in small batches to deliver simple yet profound skincare rituals or another way to take herbs internally. Hydrosols are the aqueous product of distillation and carry the hydrophilic properties (water soluble components) of the plant, as well as microscopic drops of essential oils in suspension (Anne Harman). They are gentle enough to be used on infants and young children as well as more delicate areas of the body. They can be used as facial toners, room sprays, first aid sprays due to their antimicrobial, wound healing and cooling capabilities, genital spray to keep yeast and bacteria at bay, and many other uses. Each individual plant has its own set of constituents that work in different ways for our bodies. Discover and enjoy a new way to explore plants through the alchemy process.  Hydrosols are listed and rotated in the shop seasonally.

Discover the Difference Whole Botanicals Make

Using whole botanicals in your skin care rituals means giving your skin the full spectrum of nourishment that each plant has to offer. Unfortunately we see a lot of plants being extracted for one single chemical constituent with added synthetic materials, and in return these skin care products are actually harming our skin and body. Whole plants have thousands of phyto-constituents that are working together synergistically and nothing can compare to a whole plants effectiveness. Whole plant skin care is the most powerful form of antioxidants and nourishment you can give your skin to maintain beautiful healthy skin and body.

Herbalist Formulated

Not only do we organically farm all of our herbs we use in our products but everything is formulated by me - a herbalist. My education started when I was a child but it "officially" started when I studied at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in 2013. From there I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan and did my birth doula training and also took Lindera herbal intensive program with Jim Mcdonald. I then took a boat to Europe to study essential oils and distillation with aromatherapist Cathy Skipper. Afterwards I put my roots down in Dexter, Michigan and started a herb farm with my partner on his families land. This education I bring with me when formulating to bring safe and innovative products to you. Transparency is also important when the cosmetic industry as we know it is highly unregulated allowing companies to put anything they want in their products without proper labeling. This is why I believe its so important to at least know  or trust the person that is making the products you love and to know where they are sourcing their herbs.