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Organic Medicinal Herb Farm,

Plant Nursery,&Apothecary

Located in Dexter, MI


Certified Organic Farm Fresh Herbs 


Certified Organic Plant Nursery


Certified Organic

 Dried Herbs


Farm To Bottle Apothecary


About Us

Conserving agricultural bio-diversity on farm

Hi there! We are a certified organic medicinal herb farm, plant nursery, apothecary, and education center, dedicated to sustainable agriculture and positive regeneration of agricultural ecospheres. Our little family is currently growing a variety of herbs and vegetables on 30 acres in Dexter, Michigan. Since we are a working farm we are only open on scheduled class days and not open to the general public. But we do have a self serve farm stand loaded with our organic nursery plants In the spring. We are hoping to open up an herb shop/education center on the farm in the future. Would you like to see more on farm herbal education?






We believe in land connection, practicing herbalism as activism with the Community Care Camper, rewilding ourselves and spaces and being good stewards to the land. We go above and beyond organic agricultural practices, never using any chemicals on our property. We strongly believe in the conservation and rehabilitation of the environment. We are in the process, of reintroducing native and endangered plants, along with transitioning formerly conventional agricultural land into the diverse ecosystem it once was and can be for us and our pollinators to enjoy. Thank you for joining us on this mission. We must also thank the plants and the people long before us who tended these lands, especially indigenous people whose land we walk upon and knowledge we use. 




Plant eco-systems are already having a tough time surviving due to development, land loss, and deforestation. Cultivating high demand herbs lightens our natural eco-systems load from people needing to wildcraft and depleting these plants further. Our goal is to give back to the community by sustainably cultivating high quality medicinal herbs that are grown by a trained herbalist and a farmer. This means that with our knowledge we know when to harvest plants at their peak potency, proper drying temperatures so plants keep their quality and integrity, soil testing, proper crop rotation, and mineral building. The difference between buying from us and huge bulk suppliers is a world of a difference in quality. But please also understand that we are small working family farm. This means our communication, shipping may not be as fast as larger farms.

Our Beliefs

Our Goals


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Clinical Herbalism - Doula 



Take Your Herbal Education Deeper + Meet The Plants In Person

New Arrivals

Free Mobile Herb Clinic

The Community Care Camper provides free herbal services to under served populations, specifically to people who are experiencing homelessness in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the winter we travel to the warming centers that are located at different churches each month. Our services include first aid care, helping with colds, and flu, building immune function, and chronic health concerns. We also focus on preventative health care by educating people on self-care and supply local resources. Because, the way today's current political climate is, we are all under served in regards to accessing affordable healthcare. We look forward to expanding our services to other marginalized communities.

 At the warming centers I can see up to ten people in two hours. Because this takes a lot of resources like; alcohol, glycerin, herbs, bottles, capsules, labels, and over the counter supplies- I have created a donate button. All money donated will go towards supplies for this cause and is deeply appreciated. These clinics are modeled after my teachers Lorna Mauney -Brodek (Atlanta, GA) who is the founder of herb bus, herb cart, and herb bike, (check out her amazing website and resources at herbalist.org). And 7song who is the co-founder of the Ithaca Free Clinic, and runs the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.


Please follow the link (W) below for a list of resources for women, low income, homeless, and the LQBTQA community below.


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