Ben Hicks, was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Shortly after high school, Ben took the path to travel across country, and discovered different bio-regions and climates. It is through his travels that Ben and Alex met, in New Orleans Louisiana. And from there, they worked on various farms including a blueberry farm in Maine, and a vineyard in northern California. Ben then continued his education at Michigan State University student organic farm program, graduating in 2012. Ben is the co-owner of Black Locust Gardens Herb Farm, and plant nursery that is growing over 30 different varieties of herbs with a small orchard. Ben has managed multiple diverse vegetable farms, and has been farming for 8 years. Ben shares his expertise in his community by also doing individual land consultations on transitioning conventional fields into organic and rich ecosystems they once were.



 "Alex Rea was born in the southern tier of NY, among rich farmlands and birch forests. Ever since she was a child Alex had an unexplanatory curiosity of herbal medicine, she even wrote her senior year paper on the history of herbal medicine. Alex Rae is now a trained clinical herbalist and doula. She is the founder of the Community Care Camper a free mobile herb clinic serving underserved populations in and around Ann Arbor Michigan, the co-owner of Black Locust Gardens herb farm and plant nursery, and the first aid coordinator for the Great Lakes Herb Faire. She runs an Apothecary as well, distilling and making magic from plants grown on her organic herb farm, and teaches classes. Alex first studied plant medicine at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine intensive program with 7song in Ithaca NY. She then moved to Ann Arbor Michigan, to further her herbal knowledge at Jim McDonald's herbal intensive while also doing her doula training. She has studied in Southeast France learning how to distill hydrosols and the safety of essential oils from aromatherapist Cathy Skipper and has/is taking classes towards nursing. 

 Alex works out of her home in Dexter, Michigan seeing clients on a sliding fee scale and will do house calls. Alex's passions consist of working with women during pregnancy but specifically during the postpartum period where she feels we are failing women in care. Alex strives for inclusiveness within her practice. She hopes to open up her own apothecary and clinic, allowing equal access to good and affordable integrative health care. For inquiries or consultations, she can be reached at"