Fresh Plants By The LB

Since we are an ever growing farm, for now please email us for orders and availability of plants. Place orders early so you can receive your fresh plant order, It is first come first serve. for summer crops its best to order in late winter, or early spring. 


For orders please email us at *Availability and prices are subject to change.


When sending us an email for ordering please put:

1. What plant you want in the subject line and in the email

2. How much you would like by pound (2lb minimum)

3. If you want priority or overnight shipping (WE ONLY GUARANTEE OVERNIGHT)

4. An address for shipping

5. Paypal email for invoicing or other payment preference


  • *Minimum for shipping is 2lbs of plant material, you can mix and match herbs, but can't order 1/2 lbs of plants- whole pounds only please. 

  • We encourage overnight shipping to people who are out of state, but will ship priority. We only guarantee a plants condition when shipped overnight.

  • The pricing for overnight can sometimes be double to triple the amount of money then your order. 

Example: 2 lbs of St Johns Wort going to LA, CA 

St Johns Wort- $18x2 = 36

overnight shipping-  $80-112

Plants are harvested at different times and aren't something that can be timed. Therefore we ship when the plants are ready. We will try to send an email to you the week of harvest and shipping to ensure you or someone will be home to receive your order, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Because of this we can not ship around each persons schedule. Harvesting plants is also weather dependent therefore timing of dates can change. We hope you understand.


In the email for ordering let us know if you want to pick up. Pick ups start at 2pm and end at 6pm. Because fresh plant material is perishable we will inform you on the day that you need to pick up. 

Our address for pick up is 5780 Joy Rd Dexter, MIYou can also put Black Locust Gardens in your GPS.

We have pick up orders ready on our plant stand with your name and total on the order. We accept cash, check, or PayPal invoice. If you want PayPal please let us know ahead of time. OUR PAYPAL IS

*We sell dried herbs in bulk and will be updating this site once the season starts. If interested in us custom growing for you please send us an email.

if interested in buying smaller quantities of dried herbs please click our "shop dried herbs" tab.



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