What to expect from a consultation with Alex Rae:

I offer on farm herbal consulations when im not running my free herbal clinic around Ann Arbor. I bring my years of education, and training with me during each consultation to work with you one on one.


My consultations are around a 60-90 minuetes long. We will go over your intake form together addressing your health history, body systems, current medications, and together decide which conditions to address initially based on urgency and personal choice. We will work to support the body by bringing systems back into balance using herbal preparations, supplements, and lifestyle/dietary adjustments. After the consultation I will blend a custom formula for you either that day or within a couple days depending on the situation. Each consultation you get a month supply of herbs included in the price (Follow up prices vary Please see the follow up tab for more info). As a herbal practitioner I am in support of modern medicine, and I like to work collectively with other health care practitioners, which gives my clients a true holistic and safe approach. Please print out the intake form on the main page, and send it back to me if you can. At checkout please tell me the brief reason you are scheduling a consultation. This is really important so I know that your issue is within my scope of practice. From there I will email you to discuss further and set up a time. I look forward to working with you.


All of my consultations are done on a sliding fee scale between 100 (being the lowest) to 200 (being the highest). If you are unsure of where you fall on this scale please look at the reference below for help. Please be honest when paying for your consultaton.


$100 consult- this is for people who are under stress from not being able to meet basic needs like rent, groceries, and bills. This is for people who have no savings, and might be unemployed. This is for someone who doesn’t have access to health care. This is for someone who cannot buy new things. This is for someone who cannot afford vacations due to lack of money, savings, and the loss of income it could entail.


$150 consult- This is for people who may stress about meeting their basic needs but can usually achieve them. This is for people who have access to a light savings, and are employed. This is for people who have access to health care. This is for someone who can buy some new things and thrift others freely. This is for someone who can take an annual vacation.


$200 consult- This is for people who don’t have to stress out about meeting their basic needs. This is for people who have a savings and are employed or financially secure enough where they don’t have to work. This is or someone who has access to health care. This is for someone who can buy new things when they want. This is for someone who can vacation freely. Please honor this scale.


Booking for November-February for new clients only via. zoom due to covid

Sliding Fee Consultation/zoom

No Wage Consult
Low Wage Consult
Waged Consult