Peppermint Hydrosol

Peppermint Hydrosol


Artisan steam distilled organic true peppermint flowers and leaves, makes for an uplifting and cooling mist. Full of volatile oils that make peppermint so aromatic this hydrosol will surely be one of your favorites. 


Ideal skin type: Great to use for sunburns, a room spray, or to sip for nausea, and digestive complaints. 


How to use: Spray onto a cotton pad, clean hands, or directly to skin and let dry. 


Ingredients: 100% pure steam distilled organic peppermint (Mentha x piperita) flowers and leaves 


size: 1 fl oz 


Refridgerate after opening, discard after 6 months. 





Hydrosols are the alchemical process of steam distilling fresh organic plant material in a traditional alembic copper still, and transforming it into aromatic (or non aromatic) plant water. This botanical water contains micro molecules of essential oils from the plants themselves. This makes for a much gentler, sustainable, and safer way to incorporate essential oils, and aromas into your daily life. 

Hydrosols are so gentle they are safe to use on babies, pets, wound care, and even genital areas to help with irriation or infection. Hydrosols help balance the skins PH making for clearer, healthier skin. You can use our hydrsols for facial toners, added into our clay masks, and throughout your day any way you wish.